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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families

Catalog of Demands

The carpet trade must make clear to Producers / Exporters / Suppliers in manufacturing countries that the sale for hand knotted carpets in Europe will slow down if serious measures are not taken to combat illegal child labour.

The following conditions form the basis for granting orders and are a legally binding supplement to existing purchasing conditions:

  1. Producers / Exporters / Suppliers agree not to produce / supply carpets which have been manufactured using child labour.
  2. Bonded labour is contemptuous and irreconcilable with the dignity of mankind. Insofar as bonded labour is still practised, it must be abolished immediately.
  3. Carpet manufacture must take place under human working conditions.
  4. Producers / Exporters / Suppliers agree to commit to employment laws and regulations of the countries concerned.
  5. Children of carpet workers have te opportunity of regular schooling. Where there are no state schools, Producers / Exporters / Suppliers commit to support school building and foster the educational system.
  6. All factories of Producers / Exporters / Suppliers provide basic medical care for workers and their families.
  7. All employees of the Producers / Exporters / Suppliers receive at least minimum wages applicable in the respective country.
  8. Producers / Exporters / Suppliers agree that the purchasing conditions for carpets can be monitored, also with the assistance of aid organisations.
  9. Producers / Exporters / Suppliers agree to the maintenance of a register of those Producers / Exporters / Suppliers who do not comply with these purchasing conditions.

Failure to observe the purchasing conditions gives the purchaser the right to withdraw from the purchasing contract immediately, and to suspend further deliveries. In this case the purchaser retains the right to claim compensation for breach of contract from the seller.