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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families

How does CARE & FAIR work?

Since it was founded in 1994, CARE & FAIR has been providing industry-specific help for self-help, with which illegal child labor is fought and the situation of carpet weavers and their families in the knotting regions of India and Pakistan is improved. The advocacy of the association for socially acceptable production also contributes to maintaining the good reputation of oriental carpets.

How does CARE & FAIR work?

CARE & FAIR – partner organizations work in Bhadohi, India and Lahore, Pakistan.

Membership in the association is based on moral responsibility and voluntary self-commitment.

The executive Board and the members of work teams of the association work on a honorary capacity and travel at their own expense. Only the managing director and four employees work on a salary basis. As a result, and because the majority of the necessary public relations work is done free of charge by the members, almost 85% of the funds from the CARE & FAIR fund benefit the project work.

In order to achieve its goals, the association charges its importing members, in addition to the mandatory membership fee, a 1% import contribution. These funds flow to the carpet producing countries for building and running of education- and medical projects. But also the exporters in the countries of origin participate with 0.25% contribution in the overall costs. They do part of the project work on site and are introduced in this way to assuming their social responsibility.

Thanks to his commitment, the carpet trade has been able to do around in the past 25 years Provide € 11 million to support a total of 18 projects today as well as other aid measures. This success proves what a relatively small business sector can achieve when it comes to its takes social responsibility for the weak and needy seriously.

By making a catalog of requirements for carpet manufacturers part of their purchasing conditions, CARE & FAIR members also counteract the exploitation of child labor.

The carpet trade in the western buyer countries strictly rejects illegal child labor and with its commitment wants to make it clear to the manufacturers of hand-knotted oriental carpets that products that have not been manufactured in a socially acceptable way will no longer be tolerated by consumers in industrialized countries.

School and training projects as well as basic medical care measures are financed in the rural knotting regions, which are often inadequately supplied by the governments of the two countries.

CARE & FAIR currently supports a total of 18 projects in the countries mentioned.

The membership fee for CARE & FAIR is € 165.00 for funding and € 250.00 for Ordinary members. One for each retail store (or licensee) CARE & FAIR member increases the contribution by € 65.00. If a branch (or a licensee) is an independent member, this increased fee does not apply.