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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families

Sponsoring / Donations

For industry participants

The association CARE & FAIR – Teppichhandel gegen Kinderarbeit e.V. is an industry association and recognized as such by the tax and revenue office. All grants can be deducted as business expenses from the taxable income.

Annual membership fee:

  • full members: € 250,-
  • subsidiaries: € 65,- for each subsidiary
  • sustaining members: € 165,-

In addition, we levy an import contribution fee of 1% of the purchase price (fob) from the importing full members for all hand knotted carpets, imported from the countries of origin India and Pakistan.

The retail industry accepts the additional expenses of 1% arising for importers due to their CARE & FAIR membership.

For individuals, donors and sponsors (none-industry participants)

In 2005, we founded the “Förderverein CARE & FAIR e.V.” which is fullly recognized as a non-for-profit-association by the tax and revenue office. The association’s mission is the promotion of education and instruction of children in the countries of hand knotted oriental carpets, in connection with the combat of illegal child labour in the oriental carpet production. This mission is being realised above all by the support of school and hospital projects in India and Pakistan and in particular by the exclusive collaboration with CARE & FAIR.

An donation receipt, which can be deducted from the taxable income, will be issued for donations and membership fee granted by “non-industry participants”.
Annual membership fee: € 50,-.

Sponsoring / Donations

CARE & FAIR – Teppichhandel gegen Kinderarbeit e.V. and Förderverein CARE & FAIR e.V. offer different possibilities of sponsoring.

For more information, please see our -Support us- page.

Of course, donations that partially cover the costs mentioned, are more than welcome.