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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families

More about CARE & FAIR

Many people talk about child labour – we do something to prevent it!

CARE & FAIR is an industry initiative of the European carpet trade and therefore, the forum of an engaged and responsible part of the industry.

‘Wherever the social situation has improved and children have had a school they could attend, child labour has disappeared.’

‘Not all child labour is bad, because day-to-day child co-operation is for many families a necessity to survive.’

Against the background of such realizations the worldwide association CARE & FAIR – Carpet Trade Against Child Labour was founded in September 1994 by socially engaged carpet traders and since manages industry-related help for self-help with which illegal child labour is combated and with which the situation of the weavers and their families will be improved in the carpet producing areas of India and Pakistan.

CARE & FAIR today has approximately 320 members in 18 consumer countries and 2 countries of origin.

We want:

  • Abolition of illegal child labour in India und Pakistan.
  • To create better living conditions for carpet knotting families.
  • Socially acceptable production. Our members accept only goods produced at socially acceptable conditions.
  • Take over social responsibility and give an example that serves everyone.

At present, CARE & FAIR supports 9 schools, 6 adult education centres and 3 day care clinics in India and Pakistan.