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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families

CARE & FAIR: 25 years of commitment II

We want to look into the future, in order that we can continue to promote and support children in the knotting regions as well as we can. Join CARE & FAIR in this mission!

Even the smallest donation is a great help…
… and a larger donation can work miracles.

We would be delighted if YOU also helped to secure our existing projects and make new ones possible.

Our warmest thanks for your support!

Over the past 25 years, numerous people and companies around the world have supported CARE & FAIR and made a decisive contribution to our work.

With small, large, single or regular donations and contributions. We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported CARE & FAIR in its work financially, and to all of our voluntary colleagues and long-standing employees on the three country boards in Germany, India and Pakistan. And we don’t want to forget our former board members and colleagues in Nepal.

Here is a brief list of CARE & FAIR’s most important supporters:

Volker Heinrich Orient – Teppich – Import GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)
Formerly ICT Intertrade Carpet AG, Zug (Switzerland)
John Lewis Foundation, London (Great Britain)
Formerly Wissenbach, Pohlheim (Germany)
ICE MARCJANSSEN, Waardenburg (Netherlands)
Lahore Carpet Manufacturing Company, Lahore (Pakistan)
India Foundation – Marianne & Frank Kochmann, Wallenhort (Germany)
Nanimarquina S. L., Barcelona (Spain)
Homefashion Group B.V., Tilburg (Netherlands)
Decor-Union – Einkauf und Service GmbH, Hanover (Germany)
SN-Verlag, Hamburg (Germany) – Together with CARE & FAIR, SN Verlag built a school in India and sponsored it for five years. We were supported by free advertisements and articles in their carpet magazine.

They all committed themselves to our projects out of conviction, giving us their valuable time and accepting financial sacrifices. Over the course of our 25-year existence, they have steered CARE & FAIR’s destiny, making our association what it is today and continuing to encourage us in our work. This gives us the confidence to look to the future full of energy and drive to further improve the living conditions of people in the carpet knotting regions!

Through your commitment and financial help, we have been able to achieve great results. We hope that you will continue to support us, so that we can go on enabling the knotting families and there children to determine their own lives in the future.