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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families


N / 08 - CWS Bal Kendra School


Roughly 5,000 children live on the street in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu. Many of them come from remote villages and have run away from home. Others were chased away by their employers, who feared prosecution for employing children. The street children search through garbage for usable items, beg, steal and try to find some sort of job to earn a few rupees. None of them have ever attended school. 

The CWS Bal Kendra was founded to give these children a place to sleep, wash themselves and get a meal every afternoon. The children here range in age from two and up. They come from difficult social backgrounds, primarily from poor rug and carpet weaving families. The CWS Bal Kendra strives to be an anchor in the lives of these girls and boys. The care provided during the day is also intended to prepare the children for school. After all, many of them lack the basic motor schools needed in everyday school life: some of the children, for example, have difficulty pouring a glass of water. 

The CWS Bal Kendra introduced Montessori teaching methods three years ago since they have proven to be particularly beneficial in developing motor skills. The educational concept is intended to give children confidence in their own abilities – by providing plenty of individualised instruction and “hands-on” teaching materials that appeal to all of the senses. The idea behind this is to work with every child based on where they are in their development and personality. Every child needs the freedom to make their own decisions and think and act independently. The basic principle is for the children to learn to ask: “Help me do it myself.” 

Mr. Bilman Shakya and four other teachers are in charge of lessons and taking care of the children. Since the year 2000, C & F has also been organising regular medical examinations, which are performed by doctors as part of the C & F healthcare programme. 

In mid-2012, the Rotary Club Hamburg-HafenCity took over the sponsorship for this project and now pays for the annual operating expenses.

Students  ± 45
Teachers  ± 5
Staff  ± 6