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I / 17 - Amita School

Sultanapur, Bhadohi

From »open-air classrooms« to a modern school building with computer Workstations - remarkable developments have taken place at the Amita School. Twenty years ago, the students here were still being taught outside before C & F was asked to Sponsor the project. It ultimately took over the School in 1998. A year later, C & F was given a piece of land where it began constructing a school. By February of 2001 the eight classes with 310 children were ready to move into the finished school building. The Amita School is located in the catchment area of seven villages with a total population of around 18,000 people.

The American Importers Ass. ORIA came on board as an active sponsor in the year 2000. ORIA supported 48 schoolchildren, who were initially taught in two separate classrooms and integrated into the Amita School two years later. ORIA paid for all of the school’s operating expenses from 2006 to 2009. Computer courses have been offered here since 2009. Eight computer workstations were installed during the summer holiday so that regular lessons could be offered to children in grades 6 through 8. This was also when Nanimarquina, a long-time C & F member and Spanish Producer of designer rugs from Barcelona, took over the sponsorship of the school. It has been paying all of the operating expenses ever since.

The Board of Education for the State of Uttar Pradesh (U. P. Basic Shiksha Parishad) has officially recognised the Amita School and its team of teachers. The local public health authority has also inspected the school’s hygiene standards.

Since 2001 the school has not only been teaching schoolchildren, but also their mothers and older sisters. The first Women Empowerment Program (WEP) gives women the opportunity to learn basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

Students  ± 330
Teachers  ± 11
Staff  ± 6
Vocational Training  ± 38
Teachers  ± 2
Staff  ± 2