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I / 12 - Barakat School

Samhai, Laxmanpati / Bhadohi

Let’s take a look back to the year 1997: The village of Samhai in northern India is home to a small school, which at this time is still called the Grameen School. It has just three classrooms. Five teachers teach an impressive 450 students at this school, which is run by a committee of volunteers from the village. The students have the commitment and desire to learn, but there is still a lot to be done. The school’s leaky roof can no longer withstand the often heavy rainfall. There aren’t enough instruction materials or school uniforms, not to mention the fact that many parents cannot afford the required tuition fees. Lessons are taught here very irregularly. 

In 1997, C & F takes over the school in this condition. The dilapidated building is fixed up with a new coat of paint, a secure roof and furnishings. Students and teachers are given the instructional materials they so desperately need. This is fine as a temporary solution, but things can’t continue like this forever. The village needs a new school building, one that will be an appropriate place to teach all 450 children. In the year 2000, the village community gives C & F a piece of land to build a new school – right next to the old school building. The cornerstone is laid the same year. 

The plans for the new school building include 10 classrooms. The budget for the construction project is around € 75,000. When the project faces financial difficulties, C & F brings the American non-profit organisation Barakat, Inc. on board. Barakat, Inc. supports, continues and completes school, healthcare and environmental projects in emerging countries. Over the next six years, Barakat, Inc. pays for all of the operating expenses as well as the teacher’s salaries at the school. The Grameen School is renamed the Barakat School. 

When Barakat, Inc. redirects its attention back to its own projects, C & F temporarily steps in to support the project. In June of 2010 a new sponsor is found to cover the operating expenses: the Canadian company ELTE. 

The old school building has been repurposed: in September of 2002, C & F launched its second Women Empowerment Program (WEP II) here.

Students  ± 333
Teachers  ± 10
Staff  ± 5
Vocational Training  ± 35
Teachers  ± 2
Staff  ± 2