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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families


I / 08 - Linie Design School

Chaksikhari, Gyanpur / Bhadohi

In 1997, the small village of Chaksikhari in the heart of India’s “Carpet Belt” gave C & F a piece of land to build a new primary school. After that, things happened very quickly: The first construction phase was completed in September of 1998, and 140 children started school that very same month. Just a year and a half later, 340 children were already attending the school after the second phase of construction was completed in late-1999.
This was also when a large playground was installed in the schoolyard. 

C & F was able to establish and implement its third Women Empowerment Programme (WEP II) at this school. 

Thanks to the support of several companies, hundreds of children in Chaksikhari have been able to benefit from reliable access to education since 1998.
The sponsors who have provided financial support to the classes and teachers include: Rutz GmbH (Reilingen / Germany), Hassler AG (Aarau / Switzerland), Einrichtungshaus Neubert (Würzburg / Germany), Gottfried Hessling (Osnabrück / Germany), and BZ.Bildung-Beratung-Innovation (Leipzig / Germany). 

The school had to be completely renovated in 2007. Since mid-2008 the Danish rug importer Linie Design A/S from Lynge / Copenhagen has been sponsoring the project and paying for all of the operating expenses in collaboration with its Indian suppliers.

Students  ± 368
Teachers  ± 10
Staff  ± 6
Vocational Training  ± 35
Teachers  ± 2
Staff  ± 1