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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families


CARE & FAIR goes green

Very few houses in the villages of Inda's -Carpet Belt- are connected to the  power grid. In the evening, many children must do their homework in the  glow of kerosene lamps. These lamps give off sooty smoke, stink and cab  cause bronchitis and eye infections. The CO2 emisssions are substantial.

If kerosene lamp tips over, it can catch an entire hut on fire.

So all Students are given a lamp to take home with them so that they can  do their homework in the dark without putting themselves and their health  at risk.

Since April 2017, all C & F students can to turn on the light in a safe  and eco-friendly way: with solar power.

Thanks to the solar power system, students can continue learning and,  above all, keep using the computers even during power outages.

These schools have a solar system:

- Haji Saheb Ali School
- Linie Design School
- John Lewis Foundation Girls High School
- Amita School
- carpet XL School
- Barakat School
- Semuhi School