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Bhadohi, India / Vern, Pakistan

Equipment for playgrounds

Schooling is very important for the future of the children, but it is also very important to play. Often the  playground is run down and the equipment needs to be replaced.
Playing outside is not just about letting of steam. It is a vital part of childhood that helps children develop physical strength, coordination and balance. It also helps them to concentrate on their school work.

For C & F it is important that the children are not hurt while playing, so new slides, swings, rocker and more is always needed. 

Costs of one playground equipment:
A slide = € 170.00
A whirligig = € 150.00
A cricket-set = € 100.00
A rocker = € 80.00
A climbing frame = € 110.00
A swing = € 100.00
A Basketball hoop with ball  = € 250.00 

Please help the children of our schools to play!