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Care & Fair Teachers Training Workshop II

Spoken English Workshop (For School Teachers)
Place : Care & Fair Amita Vidyalaya, Sultanapur, Hariyanw, Bhadohi

Because of coriona - Virus all schools in India are still closed and there is also no school enrollment this year.

So Care & Fair is using this chance to upskill his teachers in workshops. The first organized workshop was a spoken English Workshop to refresh and stabilice theire english.
Generally from each school 3 teachers attend the workshop.
They were learn general English and Grammar. The first phase had been ran from 4th August 2020 to 31st August 2020 with 20 teachers.
The 2nd phase runs since 3rd September 2020 with 23 teachers.
The 1st phase performance was satisfactory untill good .
The teachers of 2nd phase are also very active.

Care & Fair will and have to make more workshops for teachers, and when we are allowed, for the school children.
Precisely because of the Corona - Virus, we should use the time to do something for education and training and not do nothing ...

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