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Care & Fair Teachers Training Workshop

As we already referred, all Care & Fair Schools have been shut since 15th March 2020 so all the educational and other activities have been stopped.

Because of this lock down concerning this pandemic, interest in studying among students and teaching among teachers had been diminishing.
There was the thought that the system of teaching has to be changed so that children can study even when schools are shut.

For this reason Mrs. Parveen Job, (Joint-Secretary), suggested a workshop for teachers because of the seriousness of this problem.
She, along with Ms. Sabrina Job and Ms. Sarita Singh, conducted the workshop on 12th June 2020 in the Care & Fair Amita School.
The workshop was held from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Mrs. Job and her companions guided teachers to prepare worksheet according to class & subject. They asked teachers to use audio / video, computers, mobile etc. to increase their reach with the students.
Teachers from different schools participated in this workshop and they held proper Social distancing maintained during the workshop.

We still hope that the schools can be opened as soon again and that normal teaching can take place.

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