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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families

CARE & FAIR & Corona- pandemic

The Coroana virus and its effects on the CARE & FAIR projects.

From the second week of March 2020, people on the Indian subcontinents were concerned about the spread of the corona pandemic and the impact on China, Italy and Spain. The situation worsened with the return of Indians from Europe and the United States.

The state government closed all educational institutions from 17th March 2020 and from 25th March 2020 the country was completely sealed off and a curfew was imposed. On 4th May the government granted conditional permission to reopen markets, offices, and factories.

The Indian prime minister urged people to remain cautious and maintain social distance even while the curfew was extended. Now nationwide mask requirements apply in all public places and workplaces. 

With the pandemic fear it is very difficult to do anything, and when work is done, it is done with due caution. Fortunately, there are very few people affected by this pandemic in Bhadohi - Mirzapur Carpet Belt, and the number of people infected is very very low.

By properly following the instructions, none of the people who are directly or indirectly connected to CARE & FAIR are infected or ill. Even in the villages where CARE & FAIR has its schools, woman empowerment programs and the clinic, no one was found to be infected. 

The teachers at the CARE & FAIR schools meet one to two times a week to prepare for the upcoming restart. Schools are cleaned regularly by employees and minor jobs are also done. 

They are also helping people in more than 60 villages (about 150,000 people), by explaining about washing hands, social distancing etc.

With the help of teachers and other staff, CARE & FAIR also regularly informs villagers about various government instructions and helps fight this pandemic.

The children are also busy preparing for the start of school. They learn either at home alone or with a few other children from their villages. Like in normal school life, they are not only learnig reading, writing or math, they do also sports.

There are approximately 10,500 people in Pakistan infected with Corona-Virus. Unlike in India, a nationwide curfew was ordered three weeks after the pandemic started, but is now being phased out. This should bring about a return to normality. Other restrictions still apply in the South Asian country. In some branches of industry, work is slowly to be resumed. This includes the construction, chemical and packaging industries as well as the development of software. Schools and universities, however, remain closed. Public events are still prohibited in the country with more than 200 million inhabitants.

In Pakistan the teachers at the C & F schools also meet ones a week to prepare for the upcoming restart.
The children are doing homework for the school as well. 

 All teachers and other employees of CARE & FAIR receive their full salary during this suspension. No one has any financial problems.

CARE & FAIR hopes and wishs that normality will slowly come back to life in all countries.
Take care of yourself, stay at home and healthy.

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