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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families


CARE & FAIR has earned worldwide recognition and respect in the
25 years
since it was founded. 

Many years before the media campaign, individual importers had already
shown commitment to the welfare of the knotting families they relied on.
This is how the first project came about - with children taught under a
tree in the Amita School. 

It was THIS experience that was the key step towards building the first
school. And other important projects would later follow. 

Now for the “highlights” of CARE & FAIR’s 25 years of work:


• A working group to combat child labour in the carpet industry is created.
• September: The CARE & FAIR - Teppichhandel gegen Kinderarbeit e. V.
  (Carpet Trade Against Child Labour) association is founded.

CARE & FAIR is recognised as a professional association.
• August: CARE & FAIR India is founded.

• The first monetary aid is transferred to India.
• November: CARE & FAIR Nepal is founded. The first projects are supported
   in Nepal: the Jawalakhel Clinic and a school.
• By now CARE & FAIR has 348 members, is supporting 13 projects in India,
  Nepal and Pakistan, and has over 1 million DM in financial resources.

CARE & FAIR takes over its first hospital in India (Jwala Hospital), begins to
  expand the building and acquires its own ambulance.
CARE & FAIR receives a Gold Badge of Honour from the Vetega Gilde
  purchasing consortium.
CARE & FAIR Pakistan is registered.

• C & F takes over operations of the open-air Amita School (India) and begins
  to construct a school building.
CARE & FAIR expands its support to all members of rug and carpet knotting
  families and gets involved with the Boudha Clinic in Kathmandu.
• Construction of a new primary school in India, Phase 1
  (Chaksikhari School).

CARE & FAIR has 780 members around the world.
• Construction of a new school in India (Haji Saheb Ali School) begins.

CARE & FAIR India hires Dr. Gupta as its full-time medical doctor.
  All of the Children at CARE & FAIR’s own schools now receive regular
  check-up exams.
• The flagship Vern School in Pakistan is completed as the first new school
  built with CARE & FAIR funding and continued financing from the local
• The decision is made to build a new CARE & FAIR Grameen School in
  India (the old one was taken over in 1997).
• August: The Chitani Talab Dispensary begins the DOTS tuberculosis
  treatment programme introduced by the public health authority
  (DOTS = Directly Observed Treatment, Short- Course).
• The Haji Saheb Ali School (India) is dedicated.

• The Semuhi School is dedicated as another new CARE & FAIR school in
• September: CARE & FAIR introduces the Women Empowerment
  Program (WEP) to educate women. At the Amita School (India) women
  learn how to sew and embroider and are taught basic skills in reading,
  writing and mathematics.

CARE & FAIR USA is registered in New York. • September: Another WEP is
  established at the Barakat School.

• Since being founded, CARE & FAIR has spent 2.66 million EUR on aid and
  assistance efforts. 
• A school garden for agricultural lessons is planted at the
  Semuhi School (India).

CARE & FAIR finances 32 projects.
• November: The building for the Jawalakhel Clinic, which also houses the
  CARE & FAIR Nepal office, is dedicated in Kathmandu.

• The »Förderverein CARE & FAIR e. V.« sponsorship association is
  established as a charitable organisation.
• The State Department of Health Services assumes the costs for
  tuberculosis medicine and now works closely together with us.
  We only continue to pay the costs for implementing the DOTS programme.

• Taeppe Cirklen (now Linie Design) from Lynge, Denmark, teams up with its
  suppliers in India to take over the operating costs for the Chaksikhari School.
• Hill & Co. Rugs, London, assumes the operating costs for our Haji Saheb Ali
  School (India).

• Construction of the Vern Girls School in Pakistan begins.
• A new ambulance is acquired for the Jawalakhel Clinic in Kathmandu.

• The Vern Girls School is dedicated.
• September: A WEP begins at what is now the Linie Design School.

• Construction of the CARE & FAIR carpetXL School in India begins.
• Talks begin with the John Lewis Foundation, London, regarding the
  construction of a high school for girls.
• Thanks to a large donation, the decision is made to install PCs at all
  CARE & FAIR schools in India and to included computer classes in the
• September: The DOTS tuberculosis treatment programme is introduced
  at the Jwala Hospital (India).
• Mr. Abdul Mabood Khan transfers a piece of land in Mowaiya, Cheelh,
  Mirzapur (India) to CARE & FAIR to build another school.

• The CARE & FAIR carpetXL School (India) is dedicated; a WEP course
  begins in July.
• October: A WEP is established at the Haji Saheb Ali School (India) and
  two rooms are added.
• A yoga centre is set up at the Jawalakhel Clinic / office building
  in Kathmandu.

• September: Our sixth WEP course begins at the Semuhi School (India).
• For the first time, graduates of the WEP course are given the opportunity
  to lease sewing machines for a small fee as a way to give these women
  greater independence.
• As an extra incentive, CARE & FAIR places orders for them to sew
  school uniforms.

• Hellenic Canada is brought on board as a sponsor to cover the operating
  costs for the KVM School and the KVM Clinic (India).

• Construction of the John Lewis Foundation Girls High School
  (Chaksikhari, India) begins.
• A new ambulance is acquired in Nepal, sponsored by the
  Rotary Club Hamburg-HafenCity.
• The Haji Saheb Ali School (India) is supplied with solar energy.
• All of the children at CARE & FAIR schools are to be given solar lamps.

• The John Lewis Foundation Girls High School (India) is dedicated.
• The WEP VII at B. D. Singh Public School (India) is inaugurated.
   In addition, mobile heath and eye exams are now conducted each year,
  particularly in Nepal. Annual professional development courses for teachers
  are also now offered in India.

Donations for victims of the earthquake in Nepal: following the devastating
  earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, CARE & FAIR set up a
  donations account and provided immediate aid through CARE & FAIR Nepal
  in Kathmandu.
• In July, a new ambulance was introduced for CARE & FAIR Nepal /
  Health & Ambulance Services.
• Through Light to Enlightenment: The new campaign by CARE & FAIR:
  Solar lamps for all children, so they can continue learning in the evening
  without the need for dangerous kerosene lamps.
CARE & FAIR celebrates its birthday: 20 years of existence.
  We look back on this time with pride and satisfaction.
• The Rug Establishment by Hiphome (Australia) and its exporter
  Designer’s Desire (India) are announced as the new sponsors of
  CARE & FAIR’s carpetXL School.
• The Semuhi School is sponsored by Hali Handmade Carpets (Australia)
  from 01.01.2015 onwards.
• Following successful completion of the construction of the
  John Lewis Girls High School, its playground is put back into operation. 

• The State Bank of India donates a 26-seater school bus to
  CARE & FAIR (India). The school bus provided to us allows us to
  transport teachers from Bhadohi to the schools and to provide educational
  trips for the children.
• Training programme held for teachers. 

• New solar energy systems: with this, all of CARE & FAIR’s schools are now
  equipped with solar energy systems.
• From April onwards, miinu GmbH, Germany takes over the running costs for
  the Semuhi School in India.
• New secondary school in the Haji Saheb Ali School, India. CARE & FAIR
  proudly Integrates a secondary school (grades 9 and 10) into the existing
  Haji Saheb Ali School. 

• A new and larger school bus is purchased thanks to a donation from
  the John Lewis Foundation.
• Solar lamp distribution: In March 2018, solar lamps are distributed to 800
  children in CARE & FAIR schools.
• Thanks to Amy Kent, a carpet designer from England, CARE & FAIR is
  able to support the Kantilal Vidya Mandir (KVM) School in the construction
  of a new drinking water system.
• An English workshop is organised for teachers and headteachers at
  CARE & FAIR schools: this is intended to encourage the participants
  (teachers and principals) to speak English more often.
CARE & FAIR goes green - we remained true to this motto.
  All CARE & FAIR schools now have solar systems, and all the old fans
  have been replaced.
• Donation action for new blackboards: all blackboards in the schools are
  exchanged for new white ones. This removes the serious problem of
  the chalk dust, which posed a health risk to the children. 

• ICE MARCJANSSEN is announced as the new sponsor of
  the V.H. Medical dispensary.
• Seasons meal in the Barakat School, sponsored by
  CarpetVista AB, Sweden.
• A new school bus for the teachers: this bus was donated to
  CARE & FAIR by the Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions.
• Health check up camps for carpet-knotting families; sponsored
  by Ambadi Enterprises Ltd, India.