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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families

Donation for the Earthquake victims in Nepal


In view of the earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015 and in which more than 9,000 people were killed and more than 23,000 were injured, C & F has opened a donation account.

Thanks to the great helpfulness of many people, about which we were very pleased, meanwhile a good amount of money was collected.
Due to this help, C & F was and still is able to support and reduce or facilitate the losses that have been suffered by our school children, their families and friends.

C & F has transfered, without any deduction, a large amount of money to our office in Kathmandu.
There, the members of the Executive Board has passed on the money to the needed school children and their families, to ensure that the funds reach its intended purpose.

Due to the numerous donations, C & F can now support financially it´s related families, who have lost their father or grandfather, and help to re-build or to repair their destroyed or damaged homes and provide new clothing and household goods.

An emergency aid was also imperative. Many people had to be helped quickly. Tents, tarpaulins and insulation mats were urgently needed, as many lived or stay outdoors, because their houses were destroyed ore are unliveable.
Thanks to local donations to C & F Nepal in Kathmandu, they were able to buy the materials and thus helped in a timly manner.

We thank hereby, also on behalf of the children and their families and friends once again for the generosity and donations that have been made for the victims of the earthquake.




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