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Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families

For the last twenty years, an alliance of retailers, importers and
exporters has been committed to creating humane living conditions in carpet
knotting regions, especially for the youngest members of those societies. 

When customers buy a knotted carpet, they should be able to rest assured
that their handcraft product was not made using in illegal child labour.
Dealer that belong to C & F can make convincing arguments in this regard
since their suppliers must agree to a Catalogue of Demand.
Their suppliers pledge to produce carpets without the use of illegal child labour.

C & F is involved in projects in India and Pakistan.
An observation made by the children´s rights organisation Terre des
Hommes serves as a motto for our efforts:
>> Wherever the social situation has improved and children have had a
school they could go to, child labour has disappeared<<

After all, prohibiting children from working is not enough.
C & F also provides them with schooling so they can later pursue
skilled professions.
Most parents in carpet knotting regions would like to send their children to
school, but there are not enough good free educational institutions
accessible to everyone.

The organisation has accomplished a great deal since 1994. Today,
ten schools, six adult education centres and three day care centres
provide carpet knotting families with educational opportunities and access
to basic medical care - all free of charge. We want to do even more,
for example by expanding our woman empowerment programs.

The focus of our work are four objectives:

1. Abolishing illegal child labour in India and Pakistan.

2. Creating better living conditions for carpet knotting families.

3. Producing in a socially acceptable manner. Our members only accept
    goods produced under socially acceptable conditions.

4. Taking social responsibility and giving an example that serves everyone.

We can only achieve these goals with the support of our nearly
320 members in 24 importing countries and two countries of origin.
Our work is financed through membership fees, import and export dues,
and donations. Streamlined unbureaucratic structures and committed
volunteers ensure that around 85 % of funds go directly to our projects.

Our members benifit as well - from the good arguments they can use to
convince critical customers. And from advertising materials provided by
C & F. Only C & F members have the right to use the logo in their print
advertising. -we take its symbolic significance very seriously and taken
strict action against violations.